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Meet Bob

Dr. Ray prepared him by explaining what to expect every step of the way.

Before the surgery, I knew there was a little bit of a problem because I had a lump on the gum right below the tooth. I had had a root canal done on that tooth. It wasn't done properly. They missed a canal. At that point, it was determined that the only solution was really to remove the tooth. Dr. Ray in Dallas, TX, was the physician that actually performed the surgery and did the extraction, and then later did the dental implant. Dr. Ray was really good about explaining it and showing me pictures, and then after the procedure was done explaining what he did and where I was in the recovery process. I would highly recommend Park Cities Oral Surgery in Dallas, TX. Dr. Phillips and Dr. Ray and the entire staff here have been extremely friendly, helpful, and the most important part to me is it was painless. I think most of us that have to go through dental procedures, that's a critical component.

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