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Meet John

His extraction went so well that he didn’t even need to use his pain medication.

I started getting excruciating pain in a lower left molar, so I went to my general dentist that I see on a regular basis, and he recommended that it looked from the X-rays that the tooth had died. He recommended Dr. Ray, so I came over, and he investigated what was going on, verified the fact that the tooth needed to be extracted, and we discussed getting an implant. It worked out fine. I was very happy with the results, and then after the extraction, I'll be perfectly honest, I received a prescription for pain medication — I never had to take it at all. I did not have any discomfort. Really was impressed with Dr. Ray, his manner in particular. He is highly qualified — you can tell how professional he is. Yeah, I definitely recommend Park Cities Oral Surgery. I couldn't ask for more from anybody, and here I am many, many months later still benefiting from everything that they did for me.

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