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Meet Marycarmen

Her husband had an easy treatment and quick recovery.

As a dental professional, I feel very highly about this practice, especially about Dr. Phillips and Dr. Ray as well. Concerning my husband, who is a patient of Dr. Phillips — our general practitioner recommended that he needed a dental implant because he had a cracked tooth for quite some time. So, therefore, we came to see Dr. Phillips. Dr. Phillips recommended that he had to have an extraction, but the wonderful thing is that there is dental implants. So the dental implant was placed. He did have to have a very slight sinus lift, but the recovery was very quick. He went right back to work the same day and with very little or no pain at all. He did not really have to take any pain medication. Dr. Phillips has a bedside manner that really makes his patients very comfortable. He is an excellent surgeon. I have seen him firsthand, and I would highly trust anyone, especially my family, to come and be under his care.

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