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Meet Dr. Keeter

He trusts our expertise to treat both his patients and his own children.

It's been a real pleasure referring patients to Dr. Phillip and Dr. Ray. Besides their expertise, which is exceptional — I sent my own children here for their wisdom teeth and I've sent my mother-in-law here for her implants — but the real reason is their staff and the way they treat their patients. They treat them like family, they treat them fair, and all of my patients just compliment us for sending them to Drs. Phillips and Ray for their treatment. I send a variation of cases to Dr. Phillips and Dr. Ray. We send a lot of wisdom teeth to them — a lot of our teenagers in the summertime and around Christmas time. Basically, extractions, implants. Dr. Phillips and Dr. Ray are both very accessible. They're always accessible just to review that chart, go over the X-rays, and to make sure that we're both in agreement about what's the best treatment for that patient. And the patients are so appreciative when they know that they've basically got a second opinion, that their general dentist and their oral surgeon have discussed it and know, and they're making recommendations together for their treatment. There are a lot of good oral surgeons in the area, but I choose Dr. Phillips. And I will follow him as long as he's in a reasonable distance.

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