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Park Cities Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates - Dental Implant Experts is proud to serve a wide region in Dallas, TX. We see patients of all ages, and we are always happy to help restore smiles and oral function with appropriate treatment plans. We feel very fortunate to work with such wonderful patients, and we love hearing their feedback about our high-quality care. We are also incredibly grateful to the local dental professionals who send their wisdom teeth, dental implant, oral pathology, and other cases to our office for treatment.

We work with many talented dentists and orthodontists and are always happy to work as a team to restore patients' smiles. Each video below features on of our patients or colleagues talking about their experience and interactions with our office. Please feel free to watch these videos to hear more about the treatment experience for your procedure or about our high-quality and compassionate care.

Referring Providers Reviews

Many oral conditions are not always easily identifiable to the average patients. Wisdom teeth development and oral pathologies often occur with an absence of symptoms or pain, making them difficult to detect until they start causing more serious problems. We encourage all patients to visit the dentist regularly, as dentists are trained to look for signs of these conditions before they become obvious. When your dentist discovers a condition they cannot treat, they will refer you to our oral surgery office.

We are incredibly grateful to all of the local professionals who refer their patients to our office for oral surgery. We appreciate every opportunity to restore patients' smiles and oral health, and we enjoy working with local dentists and orthodontists to do so. We strongly believe in a team-based approach to provide patients with the highest level of care. You can hear more about our work with referrals by watching the videos below. Our referring doctors can tell you themselves why they refer patients to our office.

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Now that you’ve listened to stories from our patients, we encourage you to learn more about our doctor, team, and practice so you can see how we dedicate our time to provide the highest quality treatments with the most up-to-date technology.