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Meet Jack

Our team put him at ease and made him feel like part of our family.

I was having some trouble with my bite on my left lower side. I had lost three teeth. Coming in for the first time, I was feeling a little nervous, and as soon as I walked into Dr. Phillips' office, I felt very much at ease. He had a great approach, very kind, great smile. I walked in the door, and the staff immediately made me feel very comfortable — just made me feel like part of their own family. I would classify the actual procedure as a total success. Dr. Phillips took great care of me. I was in relatively no pain at all — didn't even really notice that the procedure had been done. Now that I've got new implants, my bite is a whole lot better. I don't have any problems with eating. I actually sleep a lot better as well because my jaw is in a natural position. So all of my friends in Grapevine and Richardson, if you have dental needs, I can't recommend Dr. Phillips highly enough. It's well worth your trip.

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