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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery is often recommended to prepare your mouth for removable dentures. A pre-prosthetic procedure can help you achieve a more comfortable fit and prevent your dentures from slipping or causing sores.

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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery is used for the preparation of removable dentures (prosthetic arch of teeth) to preserve your smile. At Park Cities Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates - Dental Implant Experts, our oral surgeon is more than happy to meet with you for an oral exam and consultation to decide on the most appropriate treatment plan including a pre-prosthetic treatment before receiving dentures.

Your pre-prosthetic oral procedure is a separate surgical appointment from the insertion of your dentures. During your consultation, Dr. Phillips may assist you in deciding which pre-prosthetic treatment is necessary for your condition. Dentures are a commonly chosen prosthetic device used to replace missing or damaged teeth successfully. Contact our staff to schedule your consultation at our practice in Dallas, TX.

Is a pre-prosthetic procedure right for me?

A pre-prosthetic treatment is used in patients experiencing extreme tooth loss, due to severe damage or decay. There are two types of dentures, removable and permanent, utilized in a full-arch restoration procedure to replace an entire row of missing teeth. Removable dentures allow patients to continue smiling, chewing, and drinking comfortably. This type of prosthetic appliance is not a permanent solution, rather removable dentures permit our oral surgeons to replace the dentures from a patient experiencing complications such as slipping, discomfort, or pain.

An additional oral procedure may be used to replace the dentures after a few years’ time. Each patient’s mouth is a different size and shape that affects the structure of the denture. The use of a pre-prosthetic treatment grants our oral surgeon the opportunity to make sure the dentures fit perfectly within a patient’s individual dental arch.

The Pre-Prosthetic Procedure

Your dentist is responsible for the creation of your removable dentures based on the custom molds of your teeth during your visit. Our oral surgeon may perform a pre-prosthetic treatment to verify the fit of your dentures within your mouth. Our staff assists patients in scheduling their surgical appointment after a consultation and pre-prosthetic procedure performed at our practice. Dr. Phillips may offer anesthesia and post-operative care instructions during your consultation.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Treatments

Our oral surgeon performs a few types of pre-prosthetic treatments, including the removal of excess bone or tissue that blocks the placement of dentures, the reshaping of bone within your jaw, and a bone ridge reduction surgery. Depending on your specific case and the treatment plan agreed upon during your consultation, our surgeon may perform each of these oral procedures.

Feel free to visit our website and learn about all oral procedures we offer in Dallas, TX, at our practice, or contact our staff to schedule your initial visit. We schedule all oral exams and corresponding consultation appointments before a pre-prosthetic treatment.