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Meet Dr. Terrell

Dr. Terrell’s patients always come back happy.

I refer patients to Park Cities Oral Surgery because of the quality of care, bottom line. I’m confident they’re going to get the best care possible. I’m confident that the patients are going to come back happy. I know that the skill and the dedication the doctors have to their patients is the same that I have for mine. Knowing that they’re here, knowing that I can text them, call them, show up, is a huge relief to me. I know when they come here they’re going to get great care, they’re going to get great communication with the front desk, and they’re going to come back to me a happy patient. It’s where I trust myself to go, it’s where I trust my family, and it’s definitely where I trust to send my patients.

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Now that you’ve heard from our patients, we invite you to learn more about our practice, team, and doctor so that you can see how hard we work to exceed your expectations with personalized care using the most advanced techniques and technologies available today.