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Meet Olivia

Her mouth feels completely normal after her wisdom teeth extractions.

I needed my wisdom teeth surgery, and my mom has gone to Dr. Phillips in Dallas, TX, for quite some time now. I was a little nervous before, but Dr. Phillips did help me, and he said that everything was going to be okay, and I really had nothing to worry about. The staff was very nice. They were very sweet, and when I got back there, they showed me where to go, what to do and everything, and they looked very professional. Dr. Phillips was a great surgeon, and he made me feel very comfortable. He made me feel like I was just like any other person, and he's really sweet. Everything feels normal. Sometimes I forget I even got the surgery. I would definitely say go to Dr. Ray or Dr. Phillips in Dallas, TX, because they are very professional, and they are great surgeons, and they are also very sweet.

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