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Meet Joey

He loves seeing his daughter’s improved confidence after jaw surgery.

My daughter had a little bit of an overbite, and so we came to see Dr. Phillips to see how we could get that fixed. We came from the orthodontist. She had three sets of braces, and we finally figured out in order to fix it, we needed to have the jaw surgery. We all were nervous. We just didn't know what all was involved. The staff here — the first time that we walked in here, we felt like we were family. Dr. Phillips would come in and greet us, and the staff was just like we had been here forever. Dr. Phillips explained every part of the procedure that we were about to undertake. It worked out exactly as Dr. Phillips said it would. Her confidence is just over the moon. She's a completely different person. Dr. Phillips is a father; we were able to connect from a father standpoint, so it really was a calming effect for me and my wife as well. I have recommended Park Cities Oral Surgery and will continue to do so.

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