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Meet Sam

She was comforted by Dr. Phillips’ extensive education.

My regular dentist recommended Dr. Phillips and just said he is the best of the best. When you’re getting your wisdom teeth out, Dr. Phillips does a great job making you feel so comfortable during the process. I didn’t use one painkiller after this surgery. I didn’t have any swelling. I didn’t have any bruising. I fell asleep for a long time, and by the third day, I was eating normal foods. When I first met Dr. Phillips, I was so impressed because I looked on his wall, and he had a credential from every school that was in Texas, which made me feel great going into it. I would definitely recommend Dr. Phillips. I’ve actually recommended him to all my fellow 23-/24-year-olds who have not gotten their wisdom teeth yet. It’s a no-brainer: come here, it’s the best, I promise you. Dr. Phillips has got you.

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