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Meet Dr. Smith

He appreciates the open communication between our office and his.

So, we have been referring to Dr. Phillips and Dr. Ray for almost two decades. Our patients always come back and say they felt like they were just treated the best way possible and that they were well taken care of. Dr. Ray and Dr. Phillips are exceptional — just down-to-earth gentlemen that are highly trained but treat people just like a neighbor. We have very open communication; we have each other's cell phone numbers, and we contact each other when we have a question to ask each other, so we are very accessible, and that benefits our patients. My wife has had treatment by Dr. Phillips; Dr. Ray has taken care of me. I have a lot of trust in Dr. Phillips and Dr. Ray, and that's why we continue to send them patients. They've not only have taken care of our patients for almost 18 years or so, but I send family members to them. They are an asset to the community.

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