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Meet Daliah

She recommends our office after we helped ease her nerves during her extractions.

They did an X-ray, and I was having gum issues, so they said I needed to get my wisdom teeth out in Dallas, TX. Before surgery, they explained everything that was going to happen. Well, I was nervous, but they gave me an IV, and then I didn't remember anything after that. Then I woke up. I had no pain; I didn't have to take any medication. Dr. Phillips was very nice, and I felt like I had a wonderful surgery. The staff was very nice. They were very warm. If I knew somebody that needed oral surgery, I'd tell them it's not that bad. Dr. Phillips made me feel very comfortable, and it might seem like a big procedure, but it's very minor. I would recommend Park Cities Oral Surgery in Dallas, TX, and they're wonderful.

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