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Meet Danyell S., Our Share A Smile Recipient!

Meet Danyell S., Our Share a Smile Recipient!

Drs. Phillips and Krieger and the Park Cities Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates team are thrilled to announce that Danyell S., 42, a widowed mother of two from Green Heights, was selected from 250 local applicants to be the recipient for our new Share A Smile program. As our chosen recipient, she will be receiving a much deserved complimentary full-arch restoration procedure. We are honored to have the opportunity to help Danyell with her smile makeover!

Danyell is missing seven teeth and the teeth that remain are decayed and broken. She has held herself back in her church and community because she is embarrassed of her smile. Working as a library aid, Danyell said the financial relief of complimentary oral surgery to restore her teeth will allow her to continue to provide for her family. She’s excited to get back on her feet after her treatment and do the things she enjoys the most like speaking at her church and smiling in photos with her family. The Share A Smile program will give Danyell the new, confident smile she deserves so that she can take part in her community again.

Our team is partnering with restorative dentist Dr. Steven Stutsman of Downtown Dallas Dentistry to complete Danyell’s personalized treatment. After the procedure, she will have a full set of permanent, natural-looking teeth secured by precision-placed dental implants.

About the Share a Smile Program

Our Share A Smile program is designed to help a member of our surrounding communities regain their smile, oral function, and oral health for the boost in confidence they need to continue on the path of positive change in their lives. Local members of our community who suffer from severe oral health issues and can’t afford to correct them were invited to apply for the Share A Smile program, after which we performed thorough oral examinations to determine our finalist. Danyell will attend a series of appointments at our practice to receive her new smile.

You can hear more about the program and Danyell’s journey by reviewing the press coverage or exploring our Facebook page. Thank you for your interest in our Share A Smile program!