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Wisdom Teeth Stem Cell Banking

Stem cells hold incredible potential for medical treatment, something that we are only just beginning to understand thanks to advancements in medicine. Wisdom teeth removal is a perfect opportunity for stem cell banking.

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Stem Cells

Stem cells hold incredible potential for medical treatment, something that we are only just beginning to understand thanks to advancements in medicine. With the constant research being done and new therapies being developed, stem cells are now being used or considered to treat diseases that were once thought to be untreatable. Would you bank your stem cells if you knew that doing so could preserve your medical future or the future of someone you love? This chance is becoming a reality for many oral surgery patients. Many people don't realize that healthy stem cells are in abundance inside the pulp of our teeth. This means that healthy, extracted teeth are an excellent option for stem cell collection. As third molars are typically the only adult teeth that are removed while still healthy, wisdom teeth removal is a perfect opportunity for stem cell banking.

At Park Cities Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates - Dental Implant Experts, we have partnered with Stemodontics™ so that we can provide you with the opportunity to preserve your future. Through this partnership, we can help eligible wisdom teeth patients store their dental stem cells, rather than having them thrown out as medical waste. You can learn more about the collection and storage process by watching the helpful videos below, visiting the Stemodontics website, or asking your doctor if stem cell banking is right for you.

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By choosing to bank Stem Cells safely with Stemodontics® Stem Cell Banking, you can be 100% confident that you are choosing a stem cell banking service that can be counted on in your family’s time of need.


What are stem cells?

A large number of people know about the existence of stem cells but know very little about their viability. The nature of stem cells is to repair and restore damaged or injured tissues in the body. All other specialized cells are limited in that they can only regenerate and repair the same types of cells (i.e., muscle tissue cells can duplicate into new muscle tissue cells). Stem cells, however, are unique because they can duplicate into any type of cell that your body needs. This ability means they hold incredible potential for medical discovery. Not being limited to a single type of cell means they can heal and restore nerves, skin, bones, muscles, and more.

As time goes on, doctors and researchers are discovering new and better ways of collecting stem cells and storing them outside the body for future use. The advancements made help keep stem cells healthy and viable and allow them to be replicated for future medical treatment. They can be applied in a way that assists our body during the healing process and helps treat injuries and diseases that were previously believed to be untreatable.

Why bank stem cells?

Banking stem cells while young is the best chance for preserving your medical future, namely because stem cells are healthier and in abundance when we are younger. As we age, stem cells duplicate more rapidly, causing them to lose value and decline in quantity. If the cells are collected during wisdom teeth removal, which typically happens in the mid to late teens, it maximizes their value.

The team at Park Cities Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates - Dental Implant Experts believes that everyone deserves a chance to collect their stem cells and preserve their medical future. With such limited opportunities for safe and painless collection, we encourage all eligible wisdom teeth removal patients to consider this life-changing opportunity. With the third molars already being extracted, there's no pain and no need for a separate procedure to harvest the cells.

How do I get started?

Getting started with Stemodontics is simple! You can complete the enrollment process at our office before your extraction appointment. Your doctor will answer any questions you have about the collection and storage process, and a member of our team will assist you in completing the online enrollment. Once you have been successfully enrolled, the state-of-the-art Stemodontics laboratory sends a collection kit to our practice for your upcoming procedure. Once the tooth has been removed and properly stored, our team will ship it to the lab for immediate processing and storage. When you're ready to use your stem cell sample, you can simply contact Stemodontics. We will ship your sample to your designated healthcare provider.

Secure your medical future or the medical future of your loved ones by acting today! Click here to learn more about stem cell banking services through Stemodontics and enroll today.